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    Officina Gambrinus

    Native Application for a nice place to eat and pass a beatifull night in trento. I developed Android and iOS application where you can see foods list, events, photos of events, map with telephon number and the possibility of book a table

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What About me?
Since when i had my first pc I am addicted about it. I started to learn all things about hardware ad software.
In 2008 with my new iPhone i learned object-c, i developed some applications that now are in AppStore. After had some practise with this i changed my mind and i started to make Android applications.
After my bachelor degree in Information tecnology i start work in a public research fondation FBK in collaboration with Telecomitalia Semantics & Knowledge InnovationLab where i am developing new mobile applications for collecting and analisys big data and build new applications for help people to understand mobile privacy awareness.

In my thesis i build an application that help people to understand how the installed applications work and wich personal data it can be use. We made a patent (METHOD FOR MEASURING AND MONITORING THE ACCESS LEVELS TO PERSONAL DATA GENERATED BY RESOURCES OF A USER DEVICE) about the method used